Allari Naresh's Scary Story!

By - October 12, 2016 - 06:35 PM IST

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There are some heroes who have created a certain image for themselves in your minds. Akin to that, when you think of hero Allari Naresh, you can only think of comedy and his poker face adds to the humour. But can you imagine him scaring the wits out of you?

It might just happen with his new venture. Well, Allari Naresh would be seen in the movie Intlo Deyyam Naakem Bhayam and latest reports reveal the shooting part is completed. The post production is also happening briskly and the makers have locked the release date.

The film is going to hit the screens on November 11th and a lot of hope is riding on this project for Naresh. Apparently, he has been reeling through a string of flops and it is not known whether this is going to be a horror comedy or a complete horror flick. Let us wait and watch.

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