Telugu Serials vs Hindi Serials On TV

By - October 12, 2016 - 06:29 PM IST

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You would not deny the fact that the small screen industry has been dominating a major part of our lives and many households are glued to the television sets. This has also isolated them from the neighbours and the human contact has been reducing in a big way.

Meanwhile, few experts say when youth look at TV serials their creativity gets damaged. Taking a closer look, the situation of Telugu serials is pathetic than Hindi serials. As such, Telugu serials have budget issues and even the content is very negative.

As for the Hindi serials, the per episode budget is 25 lakhs approximately for because of national and international audience and the sponsors they get. For the Telugu serials, it is just 2 Lakhs per episode. As a result, the quality, writers, making are of a sub standard range. That’s the story folks!

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