Unusual things Kalyan Ram did for Ism

By - October 15, 2016 - 10:41 PM IST

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Kalyan Ram 'was' yet another hero from a prestigious film family carrying a huge legacy. Be it because of his choice of scripts or directors, he lagged behind the rat race while his young brother grew into a giant like Baahubali. But of course it is Kalyan Ram, a man with difference. He rowed against the high tides and stood like a lighthouse inspiring everyone around him.
Scoring a hit like Pataas, KR emerged into a promising hero and with Puri's Ism movie, he took the industry by storm. Especially his stunning makeover is giving even young heroes a run for their money. Though the last one to sport 6pack abs, KR does it with panache and here are three tough things of KR that may inspire you - 
1. Reducing 12kgs within no time: Kalyan Ram was 86kgs before Ism kicked off and Puri Jagannadh instructed to shed weight  for this role. He is a hero from a star family, on top of it with significant experience and he can possibly ignore this too. But Kalyan Ram took it as a challenge. He shed about 12kgs within no time coming down to 74kgs surprising even Puri with his suave 6pack abs.
2. Fed on Fish: Guess what...KR just hates fish! But to maintain his hot bod, he has been instructed to feed on fish...just fish all the day. This was his regime through out the shoot schedule which KR did with sheer patience and perseverance.
"People and relationships matter more than hits or flops" says Kalyan Ram promoting Ism release. 

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