Kona Venkat-Nani Film In Four Countries

By - October 17, 2016 - 04:35 PM IST

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Talent is something which you are gifted with and though it has its lean phase it never fades out, you tend to bounce back at one point or the other. The film industry is one place where you see many individuals with such talent.

One among them is the star writer Kona Venkat. Within a short span he took off to the range of becoming a producer and though some of his movies didn’t reach expectations, his demand and mettle didn’t reduce. Now, Kona is coming up with something big.

He is teaming up with Natural Star Nani for a new project and this is going to be canned in USA, Jamaica, Puerto Rico and Trinidad and Tobago. Inside news reveals this is a very interesting storyline and given the choice of Nani’s scripts you can imagine how it is going to be.

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