Posani Exposes Boyapati's Disappointing Behavior

By - October 17, 2016 - 02:01 PM IST

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Fire Brand Posani Krishna Murali is once again back in the headlines with a fresh dosage sensational comments and this time it is none other than his erstwhile assistant and current happening Telugu director Boyapati Srinu. 
Answering a question about his proteges, Posani exposed the disappointing behavior of Boyapati in his recent interview to a renowned news channel. As we know Posani introduced Boyapati to the industry. Describing how he recommended Boyapati to eminent director Mutyala Subbaiah on the request of his Boyapati's brother, Posani revealed the mediocre behavior of Boyapati Srinu when times altered. Going into the details, when Posani directorial Sravana Masam movie flopped, Boyapati paid a visit to Posani's house and displayed unwanted sympathy (for his Guru's condition) to Posani's wife. Posani & family that helped Boyapati in need was indeed hurt by this behavior. Sharing this incident, Posani shared his angst for dual-faceted people.
However Posani’s relative & popular director Koratala Siva also had differences with Boyapati Srinu for not crediting him for Simha movie story. Now with Posani’s latest comments, Boyapti Srinu’s image is further damaged. Well, Posani once again proved that 'his tongue is mightier than pen!'

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