Satellite Problems for Sunil

By - October 17, 2016 - 12:06 PM IST

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The comedian turned hero Sunil had optimistic beginnings with decent hits and his interesting choices of entertainers also fetched him good. But off late, his films have been failing badly at the Box Office. He also lost a golden opportunity to act in the Telugu remake of Two Countries produced by Bandla Ganesh.

As per latest updates, his films are losing market in the small screen as well. While he had appreciable market in satellite rights, his recent films Jakkanna and Eedu Gold Ehe were not even bagged by any satellite television company till date. Eedu Gold Ehe was stabilizing at 2 crore before the film’s release, but after the disastrous talk from the day one, none of the satellite TV folks are coming forward for even 1 crore to buy it.

Many of the film critics are feeling that this is the end of Sunil as a full time commercial hero. What will the next step of Sunil be?

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