10 Facts that Puri has to Say ABout ISM, Kalyan Ram & More

By - October 20, 2016 - 12:08 PM IST

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Puri Jagannadh's upcoming film Ism starring Nandamuri Kalyan Ram, Aditi Arya, Jagapathi Babu et al in the leads is all set to hit the screens worldwide this Oct 21.
Promoting the film, Puri has a lot to share about the script, Kalyan Ram & much more. Here are few excerpts from the interview:
* I usually finish any script in 14days (two weeks) but Ism took a week more.
* Ism is a storyline I wrote 10yrs back. Reworked on it according to Kalyan Ram's body language and image. Especially I spent three entire weeks on the climax episode which finally came out really well.
* Ism has scope for a sequel and that is the reason why I give a different ending. 
* A journalist needs to be physically and mentally fit. That's why I’ve asked Kalyan Ram to shed some weight and look fit but he just surprised me with 6pack. He plays the role of Satya Martand (a journalist) inspired by the word Satya (means truth) and Martand (one of the oldest newspapers in Bihar)
* Glad to introduce Shaurya (Kalyan Ram's son) with Ism. Of course, not his debut!
* Our script started much before Panama papers issue and the inspiration stories are just rumors.
* Crime in society is just evolving. I may not be able to witness 'Change in society' in my lifetime. 
* Film with Jr NTR is under talks and might take another week or so for something to finalize.
* Narrated a line to Mahesh. He gave a nod but no response later. My responsibility as a director is to narrate if not move on. I'm ready to work if I hear from him back.
* Haven't shown the film yet to RGV since he's currently busy with Sarkar3 movie. 

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