12 Years for a Good Coffee like Movie!

By - October 20, 2016 - 11:33 AM IST

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The year 2004 was etched with films laden with heavy violence, heroism and commercial touches in Tollywood. The film industry almost forgot about what it’s like to have a strong female lead who doesn’t just confine to glamour and songs. In the midst of such atmosphere, one young filmmaker named Sekhar Kammula arrived in the arena with a feel good love story Anand.

But it would be thoroughly mistaken to think that the film deals with just love story between two unlikely individuals. The film is much more than that and it speaks of modern woman’s independence and the issues she faces for confining to just one life principle. The film starred the Bengali beauty Kamalinee Mukherjee as Roopa, a strong willed woman who has seen hardships early in life. But nevertheless, she lives life her way with Music, good food and sweet companions around. The story makes a huge leap when Roopa’s marriage breaks with Rahul (Anuj Gurwara) because of his mother’s determination to curb her independence in every step of her life. With the entry of a cool NRI Anand (Raja), the film takes a romantic and interesting turn.

It was almost forgotten to see a female lead singing a Carnatic composition until Anand. The film featured classiness in every frame and highlighted characterizations in every frame. Even the little kids along with the harsh sounding Anitha (Satya Krishnan) and the hero Anand (Raja)’s friend (Anish Kuruvilla) had great say in the film throughout.

Another special mention should be made for KM Radhakrishnan’s mesmerizing music which revisited the beautiful melody which was lost in Tollywood. The legendary lyricist Veturi Sundararama Murthy’s lyrics were like a lifeline for this film. Songs like Yamuna Teeram, Vacche Vacche and Nuvvena became all time hits.

Anand became a ray of new hope for all those young aspiring directors who wanted to make it big in the film industry. It also became the beginning of such feel good films which were close to real life instead of following the formulaic trend. The film has completed 12 glorious years and let us cherish the wholesomeness of this cinematic coffee on this special occasion!

The film opened in limited screens in which Sangeet, Secunderabad was one. But due to the good content and brilliant feedback given by the audience, it sloiwly creeped into the common folk through word of mouth. Anand is another classic example that if the content is promising, nothing can stop a great film!

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