Nandini Nursing Home Movie Review & Ratings

By - October 21, 2016 - 08:31 AM IST

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Cast: Nawin Vijay Krishna, Nitya Naresh, Shravya, Shakalaka Shankar, Jaya Prakash
Banner: SVC Entertainments Pvt Ltd
Music: Achu Rajamani
Producers: Radha Kishore & Bikshamayya
Director: PV Giri

A pleasant surprise this Friday – Impressive debut by Nawin


Chandu (Nawin Vijay Krishna), a guy-next-door in dire need of employment lands up in Nandini Nursing home with the help of his friend Nayudu (Shakalaka Shankar). The nursing home established and run by Dr Murthy (Jaya Prakash) and his daughter Dr Nandini (Nitya Naresh) is dubbed as a haunted place due to few mysterious deaths in the past. While Chandu has a tragic love story, Nandini falls in love with him. Chandu’s life as a fake junior doctor in Nandini Nursing home is veered with the suspicious death of Dr Jayaram (Swaroop), a good friend of Dr Murthy. How did Chandu discover and unknot the mystery behind the deaths in Nandini Nursing home forms the rest of the story.


Nawin Vijay Krishna: Hailing from Superstar Krishna’s family, Nawin’s transformation from an editor to a hero is distinct. And the young man makes an impressive debut and makes his father Naresh proud with a praise-worthy performance. It is a rather unique debut staying loyal to the story without owing to commercial obligations. While subtlety seems to be his strength, his comic timing can be fine-tuned. If not an exaggeration, the climax sequence alone can speak about this promising young talent.

Nitya Naresh: For those who couldn’t believe she was the lead heroine at the first glance, Nitya gives a good reason with her able performance. Serving the needs of the script, Nithya displays a quality performance. Good start and long way to go!

Shravya: After a debacle like Love You Bangaram, this film is something she can proudly speak of.

Well Vennela Kishore, Shakala Shankar and Saptagiri steal the show. This killer combo along with the hero in a hilarious comedy track is indeed one of the key assets of the film.

Well JP, Ajay Ghosh, Swaroop, Jaya Prakash play significant roles in this suspense drama.


Firstly, appreciating director PV Giri and producers SVC Entertainments for making a distinguished launch pad for a star kid like Nawin Vijay Krishna breaking the mold…

This film is an author backed script made with good sensibilities and realistic treatment which is evident in every frame. The best part is that the director stood loyal to the script despite having a star kid at his disposal.

The premise of the plot (hospital) is indeed refreshing and the director’s choice of narrating it in a rather mainstream entertainment format was quite obvious. However, he could strike a fine balance between the core emotion and comedy quotient of the film. The script deserves to be a spooky horror comedy or an edgy suspense thriller but the director rather chose to play a safe game.

The plot takes its time to settle down in the first half but the pre-interval episode feats you with a fine twist (you might already start feeling that you are watching something worthy). While many directors falter in handling the second half, PV Giri passes off with an ‘A’ grade. The performances and impeccable screenplay keep you engaged through out. However the final twist in the climax is quite predictable (and mediocre though) yet the performances of the lead actors finish things in elegance.

The goal confusion of the hero, his nil contribution towards chasing the mystery, on top of it, the unconvincing resolutions can be the lone elements of concerns in terms of screenwriting.


- Story and screenplay
- Treatment of the script
- Performances of the lead cast especially Nawin & Nithya
- Comedy track of Vennela Kishore, Shakalaka Shankar & Saptagiri
- Cinematography and editing
- Music and background score


- Nothing significant to mention.


While Achu Rajamani’s decent music adds value to the script, his background score is an additional asset playing a key role behind the suspense and feel good factor.


A well-thought Production Design. An entire feature film in a hospital and some feast to the eyes in the songs across well-trodden cities like Vizag and Hyderabad – impressive work!


Nandini Nursing Home is indeed a pleasant surprise for us. In spite of the flaws, it is engaging and entertaining throughout. By the way, it is an impressive debut by a star kid like Nawin! [Especially recommended for all the comedy lovers out there!]

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