Maruthi Shocks with his Maintenance

By - October 22, 2016 - 05:14 PM IST

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It is one thing to be fit and another to keep fit. Usually those who belong to the former category tend to beat the ageing process and delay it for a significant time. Such individuals are found a lot in the entertainment industry because youthful looks is key here.

One man who has now become the talk of the filmnagar circles is director Maruthi. Apparently, he has a daughter and a son who are studying in seventh standard and above. Despite that, he looks very young and can be pass off as someone unmarried.

On the other hand, many consider Maruthi as one among the young directors and is not perceived as an aged director. Due credit for that goes to the way he maintains himself. Though he doesn’t build muscles, Maruthi’s young and fresh looks are truly inspirational.

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