Fancy Offers For 'Vangaveeti' with Caste Feeling

By - October 22, 2016 - 05:41 PM IST

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As democratic as our nation and our system may sound, the bitter truth remains that the caste system is something which is deep rooted and influences some of the key happenings in this country. Even the film industry is no exception to it.

Right now, one film in Tollywood is facing an interesting situation. We are talking about the movie Vangaveeti and it is heard that purely out of caste feeling, even those who are not connected to movie industry are approaching producer Dasari Kiran Kumar.

Sources reveal they are giving him fancy prices to buy the movie and he is surprised at how something like this can happen. On the other hand, the entire team is shocked to know the magnitude this movie is carrying. Let us wish director RGV shapes it to the expectation then.

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