Land Grabbing Issue: Actor moves to High Court

By - October 25, 2016 - 11:49 AM IST

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Celebrities and controversies always go hand in hand and it is an inevitable fact. While controversies bring fame and popularity in one way, some celebs make it to the news for wrong reasons. One such actor from the house of Sandalwood is Dharshan who is troubled with a land grabbing allegation.

The allegation said that Dharshan has grabbed land of 2,100 feet and constructed Raja Rajeshwari Nagar Home Layout which happens to be under the name of Government. An upset Dharshan filed a petition supporting his case by saying that the district officials behaved badly in it.

The main reason for his disappointment was that- the government has declared 44 houses in this controversial land area as their own property. Dharshan has filed this petition in high court and said that he would fight for his cause till any extent. But the government claims that the layout was unofficially planned under the name Ideal Homes.