Raashi Khanna Became Mother On FB

By - October 26, 2016 - 06:26 PM IST

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Your life as a film celebrity may be filled with glamour and glitz and popularity but you should also be prepared with the flip side of it, that is rumours and gossips and trolling. This is more if you are a noted actress or heroine especially after the advent of social media.

Akin to that, the juicy cutie Raashi Khanna has now become mother to two babies and this has become a viral news in Facebook. Well, this happens to be a prank and someone has put it on FB and spreading it to the maximum number of profiles and platforms.

Though they did it for fun and are also satisfying their fantasy on a lighter vein, if Raashi takes it seriously it would be trouble for them. The filmnagar folks say Raashi is a sensible girl and may just enjoy the humour in a sportive manner but you never know. 

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