Dil Raju gets Hero offer?!

By - October 29, 2016 - 12:01 PM IST

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The ace and dynamic producer Dil Raju is not only known for his judgments in scripts but also for his stunning good looks. He is also considered to be the most good looking producers in Tollywood ever and the yesteryear hero turned business tycoon Murali Mohan also seems to have the same opinion.

During the special felicitation event for Dil Raju in Ravindra Bharati organized by Akruti cultural organization yesterday, Murali Mohan announced that he is ready to do a film with Dil Raju as hero if the latter agrees for it!

Dil Raju has been awarded the prestigious HM Reddy award for his indispensable contribution to the field of Telugu Cinema. Telangana’s assembly speaker Madhusudana Chary was the chief guest for this event and he grandly felicitated the producer.

Will the ever smiling Dil Raju accept this golden offer from Murali Mohan and try his luck in acting as well? We never know!

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