Film Title That United Worldwide Telugus

By - November 01, 2016 - 06:39 PM IST

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One of the main reasons why you tend to be passionate about movies is, there are many scenes that you can relate to in your real life. Sometimes, it is not just the scenes but even the movie titles that tend to leave a lasting impression in our hearts.

One movie title which is currently creating that sort of an impact is Manam. Well, the same name has been used for an app and it has become a hot sensation among the Telugus across 68 countries in the world. So, what makes Manam a special app.

Well, if you are a Telugu person and are in any country, using this app you can locate the Telugu people in that area and connect with them. It is not just about knowing Telugu people but you can also end up finding places to live or even your life partners. Way to go!

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