Tears Of Comedian Is A Curse To Society

By - November 01, 2016 - 06:36 PM IST

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Perhaps the biggest blessing and gift you can have in life is the situations to laugh and feel happy about everything. This is something Telugu cinema has always strived at and due credit goes to the comedians who have contributed extensively to bring that humour in us.

However, when the same comedians have a tear in their eyes due to unwanted stuff, it is nothing but a curse to the society. The reason we say this is after the incident that happened. Noted comedian Venu Madhav has been going through some health ailment.

However, the gossip mongers took it a step ahead and declared he is no more and this caused a major commotion and confusion to Venu Madhav. The result of that was seen in a video interview he gave where Venu Madhav broke down and wept bitterly. What we need to remember is, comedians gives us laughs and bring happiness, giving them tears is a curse.

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