Anti-Piracy Business In Film Industry

By - November 03, 2016 - 12:52 PM IST

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From many decades, the biggest evil cinema industry had to face was the piracy. Every year, thousands of crores losses had to be incurred by the film fraternity due to piracy but now the authorities and cine circuit are fighting a victorious battle against it.

Tollywood has taken a new step in it wherein anti-piracy groups are now playing key role in the industry. Reports reveal there is one group which stops piracy in a very effective manner. In that, two big players are there whose job is to ensure piracy is erased.

Based on movie they charge either 1 lakh per movie to 1 lakh per week for a movie. It all boils down to the budget of the movie and how much scope is there for it to fall prey to piracy. In this process, the producers are getting benefited a lot as collections are becoming strong in theatres.  

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