Senior Actress in 'Lesbian' Controversy..

By - November 08, 2016 - 12:21 PM IST

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The yesteryear character actress Geetha has been hosting the TV show Bratuku Jatka Bandi off late. A lesbian couple were part of the show recently and Geetha’s comments on lesbian life has become quite a controversy now.

Geetha asked the girl about how she accepted when another girl proposed her and how can two women stay together like a live in relationship. She also questioned her asking whether the girl is ashamed of doing so.

These sweeping statements by Geetha were strongly opposed by LGBTQ (Lesbian Gay Sexual Transgender Queer). They demanded an explanation from Geetha and makers of the programme for making such objectionable comments. They also said that their community is unique and it doesn’t mean they are to be targeted in this demeaning manner.