'I might get married in Church'- Naga Chaitanya

By - November 08, 2016 - 02:47 PM IST

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The Akkineni lover boy Naga Chaitanya scored a well deserving hit with the love story Premam and now his film Saahasam Swaasaga Saagipo with Gautham Menon is finally hitting the theatres this Friday. On this occasion, here is an iQlik exclusive chitchat with the actor:
Hello Chaitu..

Your film Saahasam Swaasaga Saagipo delayed beyond plan. Do you think it would impact the collections?
Well, the film was supposed to be releasing last December well before Premam but the main issue is with bilingual date schedules. It is difficult to get a date which is suitable to both Tollywood and Kollywood as well. That is the main reason for delay. I don’t regret the delay or felt bad because I only believe in doing the best on sets. Moreover, Gautham Menon himself is a brand and his movies always have fresh demand irrespective of delay.

What is the storyline of this film?
It is the love story of a normal guy next door. The film revolves around how he solves a problem of his lover. The first half is completely love track and the second half has action sequences. I can call this as a sequel to Ye Maaya Chesaave where the film focuses on love story but here it is action as well.

You had bitter experiences with action films earlier. Why did you choose the similar genre again?
During Dhada and Auto Nagar Surya I feel I had less maturity and judgment capability to choose scripts. But now I feel I have outgrown that phase. During Ye Maaya Chesave, people wanted me to do love stories alone. But with this film, I am sure my prowess in action films will be proved again. This film has meaningful action sequences suitable to the story.

Has your attitude and approach changed after the success of Premam?
No. I have been much the same but my confidence level has increased with respect to love stories. I decided to choose those films which have the love element irrespective of genre from now on!

There is a buzz that Premam has good pre-release promotions but not after the release and it impacted the collections. Your comment?
It is the decision of the makers to promote the film as per plan. It might have reached more audience if the film was promoted after the release but at the same time I feel they did the best.

How was it working with A R Rahman once again?
I never dreamt of working with A R Rahman during Ye Maaya Chesave days but it happened because of Gautham Menon. I give the entire credit to him once again for making it happen.

Your working experience with Manjima Mohan?
She is a newcomer but did really well. Usually, Gautham Menon selects the right heroines for his films and he gets the credit once again.

Saahasam Swaasaga Saagipo is done by Simbhu in Tamil. Why didn’t you offer to do in Tamil as well?
I did get the idea of working in Tamil version as well because many Tamil heroes are doing in Telugu now. But by the time I thought of it, Simbhu already completed 15 days of shooting. From now on if I am approached for bilinguals, I would readily do in Tamil language as well.

Your house must be buzzing with wedding arrangements?
Well, the buzz is mainly because of Akhil’s engagement date getting fixed. His marriage might happen in Rome.

What about your wedding arrangements?
I am yet to decide about it. I might get married in church first and then temple like my film Ye Maaya Chesave. It will happen in all probability in Chennai.

What happened to the plan of remaking Hello Brother?
I feel it shouldn’t be done and I am glad it didn’t happen because such classics shouldn’t be touched. Even if I do, it wouldn’t be that brilliant.

Any updates on Kalyan Krishna’s project?
I will be working on it from tomorrow. It is a film which resembles Ninne Pelladatha and I always wanted to do such genre.

What are your thoughts on your younger brother getting married earlier than you?
Well, I am happy for it because the entire attention would go to him and I can marry leisurely!

Okay..thanks and wish you the best for future projects!
Thank you!