Hopes Of 'Dhruva' Music Director

By - November 12, 2016 - 05:55 PM IST

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The world of music is vast but then unless you have the right kind of talent and that stroke of luck, you cannot shine brightly in the cinema industry. Sometimes it takes just one song to change your fate overnight. One music director is hoping for that blessing.

He is called Hip Hop Tamizha in Kollywood and he is now arriving in Telugu with the movie Dhruva. Folks here call him Hip Hop Aadhi and he is already creating a buzz because the songs of Dhruva are striking a chord with the music lovers across Telugu states.

From his end, Aadhi is hopeful that if the songs work well he would have a dream start in Tollywood. Not just that, he is also planning to release his Tamil movie Meesai Murukkan into Telugu version. Here’s wishing the Hip Hop chap the best of success.