Farmers To Rescue Film Stars And 'Black' Guys

By - November 12, 2016 - 11:29 AM IST

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On paper we might beat our chest with pride that India is a country which is very rich in agriculture and farmers are the backbone. However, the reality is far from that. Agriculture is getting wiped out due to the real estate demon and farmers are getting neglected.

At a time like this, the farmers are now being seen as the Messiahs of rescue to certain film stars and those who have loads of black money. Apparently, when farmers show agricultural income they don’t have to show much of reasons behind that and exemption exists.

Hence all those who have black money are identifying loyal farmers and depositing money in their accounts by giving some percentage, thanks to PM Modi’s note ban announcement. That way, they are changing black to white. This is an old formula but now it has come to their rescue. On the other hand, it is a blessing in disguise for farmers who are usually ignored.