'Pelli Choopulu' Comedian Gets Tamil Offers'

By - November 16, 2016 - 11:25 AM IST

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Even if a film becomes a bumper blockbuster there comes a time when you forget about it and move forward. However, there are those movies which tend to spring back and grab the headlines. One film doing that in the recent past has been Pelli Choopulu.
This time the reason happens to be the star performer in the movie, Priyadarsi. His comedy became a highlight for the movie and now it is heard that Darsi is getting flooded with offers from Kollywood. Apparently, he hails from Kuppam and knows Tamil very well.
In Tamil movies, dubbings don’t work and one has to speak in Tamil without any issues. Due to Pelli Choopulu effect, Darsi grabbed attention. The shocking thing is he spoke fluent Telangana slang and everyone assumed he is a Telangana guy but he is a proper Rayalaseema guy from Kuppam. 

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