Deva Katta's Big Announcement

By - November 17, 2016 - 11:14 AM IST

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You don’t have to come up with a bunch of movies to make your mark, even if you make one film that creates the right impact, you would be remembered for a long time. One such filmmaker who is known for his mettle is the hawk eyed director Deva Katta.
It has been a while since Deva Katta wielded the megaphone but here is the reason why. According to sources, Deva Katta has been developing a media company since the past one year and the objective behind this was to become self-reliant in making commercially viable flicks.
As part of that, it is now heard that his company is collaborating with a leading corporate and Deva has reportedly mentioned that he would be sharing the official details in few weeks time. Well, as long as he is making movies, that’s what matters to the cine buffs.