Junior Artistes Opening Bank Accounts

By - November 17, 2016 - 11:06 AM IST

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The patience level and memory has become so short for most of us that anything sensational that happens in the country is forgotten within two or three days. However, the punch that Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave to the nation is still creating aftershocks.
His battle against black money has begun with the demonetization and it has affected the film industry as well. To take a deeper look, it is heard that many junior artists are now flocking the banks. The reason being, they are opening bank accounts on their names.
Normally, most of the junior artists get cash on hand and they don’t have the habit of maintaining bank accounts. This trend is more among the aged junior artists but thanks to Modi now they are opening the accounts. The same is the case with many who earn through cash on hand wages.

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