Krishna Vamsi's Shocking Attack On Reviewers

By - November 18, 2016 - 09:00 AM IST

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Creative Director Krishna Vamshi has opened his heart in an interview recently. In a frank talk, when asked about his opinions on reviewers, he vehemently replied, "Put your intelligence or whatever be your opinion into your ass. Wait for a week. Don't influence people. Who are you to grade a film. Every one tries to say something about screenplay and all. What the hell they know about that?"
This in fact the boldest outburst on film reviewers. Inside sources say that he also used some more vehement words while saying about the critics, but they were muted by the interviewer to be prudent. Well, it's not a new story. Many directors lamented about film critics in various ways. Puri Jagannadh did it in Neninthe, Ram Gopal Varma opened up in a TV interview after Ice Cream, but none attacked them so violently as Krishna Vamsi did. 
Many film buffs are commenting on this as "boldest" and some are saying that each one from RGV's camp is a missile by himself. It's needless to remind that Krishna Vamsi is a product of RGV's camp. 

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