Rs 500-1000 ban effect: Watchman Gives Money to Hero!

By - November 18, 2016 - 08:29 AM IST

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We aam admi are dealing with a currency chaos now and economists predict the demonetization effect to last for few more weeks! And film celebrities are no exception to this.
Even popular hero Rahul Ravindran (of Andala Rakshasi & Ala Ela movie fame) faced the heat of currency ban right after he landed in India from abroad. Going into the story, Rahul Ravindran tried to draw money from the nearest ATM center in the airport but as usually not even a Rs 100 note was available. Surprisingly, the local ATM watchman gave Rahul Rs 20Cr for drinking tea. This heart-warming incident was shared by his wife (Singer) Chinmayi!
Recently Bollywood stars like Bipasha Basu and few others shared their currency ban experiences and at this juncture, hope the government would come up with the appropriate support systems.
Now the one with more chutti (Change) is the King and this incident once again proved! 

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