Samantha to Launch Kona's Business

By - November 18, 2016 - 01:49 PM IST

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If you are a Twitter buff then you will be aware of the warm relation that actress Samantha shares with popular designer Neeraja Kona with their tweets.

Well this bonding made Samantha to launch Neeraja Kona’s new business venture today in Hyderabad. As per the updates, Neeraja Kona along with hero Nithiin has set up a new multi-cuisine restaurant called “T- Grill- The Taste of Telugu” near Kavuri Hills, Hyderabad and it is going to be launching at 7.30 PM.

Meanwhile the film celebs entering into the business has become a trend and interestingly most of them are coming into the hotel business. Well this made Neeraja Kona along with Nithiin join the club of film personalities who ventured into the business.

On this note, we wish good luck to Neeraja Kona & Nithiin on their maiden business venture.