Kona Venkat's Film Shoot In Jamaica

By - November 18, 2016 - 12:19 PM IST

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Ace film writer Kona Venkat landed all of a sudden in Jamaica. Well, the reason is not for holiday as many are supposing. This is for his next shoot on grand scale. 
Interestingly, as per the inside sources, one of the key top ranked officials in Jamaican government happens to be a close friend of Kona Venkat. It is with his suggestion, he visited the country and fell in love with it. 
He posted the same on facebook yesterday, "When u see a place like this u have to accept that "Life is beautiful" .. A must visit country "Jamaica"..
Sources say that Kona Venkat is on his mission of making a film with Nani in lead in five countries and one among that happens to be Jamaica. Lets wait for more leaks on this. 

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