Currency Ban Affected Only Heroes?

By - November 19, 2016 - 12:59 PM IST

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The one word you would have been hearing a lot since the last week is demonetization. The way the currency ban has shook the entire nation made it the hottest topic among different circles of people. Given that, the entertainment industry is no exception to it.

The focus on the tinsel town has been on the heroes who draw some mind boggling figures as remuneration. Reports are now saying that the conversion of Black money at home has become a major challenge and heroes are struggling in a big way.

The producers are also in the safe zone now because they are getting their investment from financiers. On the other hand, even top financiers are giving in white to be on records. Ultimately, the end product reaches the heroes in big chunks of black so they are having a tough time getting rid of it.

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