Krishna Vamsi's Prediction Of Tollywood With Currency Ban

By - November 19, 2016 - 08:59 AM IST

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Almost every citizen of India is currently busy talking about one topic, demonetization. The general perception is this is a strike against the black money holders. While it could be successful to an extent there are also those who believe such folks have their ways out.

The film industry is known to be a black money haven, especially Tollywood. However, one filmmaker feels the currency ban won’t cause any effect. He is none other than the creative genius Krishna Vamsi. In a recent interview, he reportedly said Tollywood will be safe.

When asked about the huge hero remunerations KV reportedly said “Earlier they used to take some amount in black and some in white, now they will take it in the form of Gold or land. The remunerations will not reduce.”  He reportedly added “It is the producer who pays the fee that has to worry and the society doesn’t get affected. So, don’t have to think too much.” All we can say is that’s a very practical perspective.

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