Devotees Touching Feet Of The New Hero

By - November 21, 2016 - 01:09 PM IST

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The only time you would feel like the touching the feet of a hero is when he has attained a Demigod or legendary status. This feeling comes from the heart involuntarily. Given that, can you imagine people touching the feet of a debutante hero?
Well it is happening now in the Telugu states and the person in discussion is Sandy. He happens to be the hero of the movie Vangaveeti. Apparently, Sandy is looking very similar to Vangaveeti Ranga and his brother Radha. Sandy is essaying both the roles.
Reports are coming in that many Kapus are coming to shooting spot and touching his feet as they are able to see Ranga in him. From his end, Sandy is acting as if he got possessed by the spirit of Ranga because they say he is doing exactly like Ranga be it his expressions or body language. This is interesting.

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