Film People To Join Vakula Matha Temple Mission?

By - November 21, 2016 - 01:20 PM IST

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When the greed of humans starts crossing the boundaries they will stop acknowledging the presence of God even. However, it comes down to those noble souls who decided to bring that difference. One issue is currently burning in the Tollywood circuit.
One of the most ancient and much believed temple, the Vakula Matha temple was demolished due to the mining mafia. Since then issue has been on in court and now the Court has given order in the petitioner’s favour and against the mining mafia.
As part of the force, they have actor Chaganti Vamsi associated with Bharat TV along with actress Madhushalini who is the authorized court dancer for Save Temples Organization. The list also comprises of lyricist Sirasri, triple Guinness record holder Dr Ghazal Srinivas. News is that many other film celebrities are also to joining this and resurrecting the sacred temple. 

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