'Pelli Choopulu' Producer In Big Calculations

By - November 28, 2016 - 03:34 PM IST

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The calculation quotient need not be accurate when you are an actor or a director because audience expectations cannot be matched completely but you need to be absolutely spot on if you are a producer. The reason being, it involves money and future business.
The name Raj Kandukuri was making rounds in Tollywood for a while but he got his real step to fame through the film Pelli Choopulu which became a huge hit. Since then, the expectations have been high on him and all eyes are on his next project.
True to that, Raj Kandukuri is reportedly doing lot of calculations because he wants his next one to be bigger and even better than Pelli Choopulu. This is a good sign because the penchant for increasing the magnitude and scale of a project with quality is the first mark of success. 

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