Permanent Ban on Actor amidst High Drama & Lathi Charge

By - November 28, 2016 - 07:23 PM IST

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Famous South Indian Actor Sarath Kumar and Radha Ravi are permanently dropped from Nadigar community. The General body meeting held on Sunday concluded that they were suspended permanently.
A temporary ban was earlier imposed upon erstwhile trustee Sarath & ex-secretary Radha Ravi by the newly elected board headed by Nassar accusing them of misusing Nadigar Sangham trust funds. Sarath Kumar & Co. has already approached the court in this regard. But the general body meeting permanently dropped their membership in the association.
Sarath Kumar’s supporters protested Nadigar Sangham’s decision that eventually led to a huge commotion and subsequent lathi charge and few arrests too. Sangam’s Vice President Karunakar was also attacked by the group who allegedly broke his car mirrors. At the same time actor Vishal’s office was also partially vandalized by the agitators injuring the office staff.
However the Sangham stood by its decision to ban Sarath Kumar & Radha Ravi. Treasurer Karthi said “Sangam trust has nine trustees but Sarat kumar and Radharavi were the key persons in the trust. We have listed their illegal amount and actions are taken to permanently remove them. From now onward we will not spare corrupted people in the Sangam". Agitators who disturbed the general meeting were reported to the police.
Radharavi has responded on this decision stating “We did everything right for the Sangham and we will prove ourself in the court”.

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