Whoa! Ram Charan is Young Megastar Now?

By - November 29, 2016 - 05:25 PM IST

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From Megastar to Sudden Star & Burning Star, we've stars of all types and ranges! These 'stars' are not only symbols of heroes' stardom but indeed the pride of their fans. And as you know (not just in software companies) there are appraisals and promotions even here.
For instance, Megastar's son Ram Charan was Mega Powerstar but not anymore, say close sources. Now he is going to be promoted from Mega Powerstar to 'Young Megastar' with his forthcoming Dhruva movie. He shall be apparently credited 'Young Megastar' in the movie, according to the grapevine. 
Well though Ram Charan earned stardom with versatile and maximum Rs 40Cr films, industry onlookers opine that this is a strategic move to cut off from Powerstar's shade. That is apparently why, he is becoming a Young Megastar from being Mega Powerstar.
Anyways we need to wait for Dhruva release day 9th December to see how it will be received by Mega fans & Powerstar fans.

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