Boldest Content As Reality Short Films

By - November 30, 2016 - 11:48 AM IST

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Content, this is one word which is going to shape the future of any business and as long as you have the right content, your product or service always shines. And in a creative field like cinema, content has to be quite fresh. But it does come with certain regulations.
In a nation like India where moral policing is quite strong, content with bold matter is never entertained. Hence you see the frequent skirmishes between the filmmakers and the censor board. But now, those who want to go bold have found a new platform.
It is the internet and lately there has been a boom in some bold content. This is being shown in the form of short films. Since it is not bound by any censor regulations the offbeat filmmakers are breaking the barriers and crossing the boundaries. Only time will reveal whether this is a good direction or not.

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