Unbeatable Marathon Musician

By - November 30, 2016 - 11:40 AM IST

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Your creativity takes the highest form of litmus test when you are in the department of music. As a music composer, you need to churn out original tunes which can appeal to a diverse genre of audience and only then you can survive the solid competition.

Ideally you would assume that taking a break after each project would recharge your creative juice. However, that doesn’t seem to apply for one musician. He is none other than S S Thaman and he is emerging to be a unbeatable marathon musician.

Thaman has been on his toes since the past few years and at any given point of time, he does have at least two big ticket flicks on hand. His rate of chartbusters may be less but he certainly has that mettle that really appeals to the crowds. Here’s wishing him more years of success.

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