Heroes Can Become Financiers Now

By - November 30, 2016 - 07:30 PM IST

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Ever since the demonetization process has struck a death blow to the black money holders, the cinema industry also got a big hit. With this, the discussion about reducing remunerations for heroes has come up. However, it appears the heroes have other plans in mind.
They are now coming forward with the required investment to the project which includes their remuneration as well as the making budget.  It is more like they are financing the project and once the actual financiers come, they will take back their remuneration component from it.
With the rest the movie needs to be made. So, they are not reducing their fee but they are becoming financiers making themselves as the USP.  On the other hand, Producers or directors have to pay the rate of interest also to the heroes. Through this, they are also increasing their stake in the projects.

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