Popular Courier Company's Name As Film Title

By - December 01, 2016 - 04:53 PM IST

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To those of you who are cine buffs, you tend to find an uncanny connection with few film titles to real life. This can also be perceived as one of the strategies by the filmmakers to catch instant attention and grab the interest of the audience towards their film.
Akin to that, the name Garudavega has a special place among the public. It has become a household name for families having connections in the USA and almost eight out of ten families in the Telugu states have strong links with America.
They keep sending pickles and other stuff to their loved ones in the US through this courier service called Garudavega. Now, one movie is coming with this title. This has angry man Rajasekhar in the lead while the talented Praveen Sattaru is helming it.