Shocking Reality In Film Industry

By - December 01, 2016 - 04:37 PM IST

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‘There is nothing permanent except change’- these words from the Greek philosopher Heraclitus holds a lot of truth and it is applicable in today’s time. Perhaps the best place to find evidence to that is in the film industry because the only thing that happens here is change.
While change is a good thing, sometimes it can be shocking too. Apparently, the demand for change is so high that many have a small shelf life in the industry. So far, it has been the actresses who experienced it but now even star singers are getting into it.
Recently the famous singer Arijit Singh announced he would be retiring once he touches 30 as he is fully aware of how change is what happens here. As shocking as it may sound, it is also the reality and those who can understand and accept this tend to have peaceful lives.