Demonetization Revealing Blatant Cine Truths

By - December 09, 2016 - 12:04 PM IST

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Some of you would be hailing Prime Minister Narendra Modi but there must be an equal number of you who would be cursing him to the fullest. The demonetization move made by Modi has hit the people of India in a hard manner and they are yet to recover from this jolt.
Folks from the film fraternity are also shaken because they normally have tons of black money. However, demonetization is also revealing few blatant truths of cine circuit. Normally, if fifty thousand were coming for an audio function talk was that they came after being paid money.
But recently the film Vangaveeti had its audio function and more than fifty thousand came. It goes to show that they have true passion for cinema. So, if a big function has got large crowd it is out of love and not money because given the current situation it is impossible to distribute cash in large quantities.