Ram Charan's Dhruva Movie Review & Ratings

By - December 09, 2016 - 12:10 PM IST

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Cast: Ram Charan, Rakul Preet, Arvind Swamy & Navdeep
Banner: Geetha Arts
Music: HipHip Tamizha
Editor: Naveen Nooli
Story: Mohan Raja
Cinematography: PS Vinod
Dialogues: Vema Reddy
Producers: Allu Aravind & NV Prasad
Screenplay-Direction:Surender Reddy

You may enjoy if you haven't seen Thani Oruvan yet You can watch it for 3things!

Dhruva (Ram Charan) is a trainee IPS officer chasing down his undiscovered enemy who is ruling the society through organized crime. Gautam (Navdeep) and three of his close friends along with Ishika (Rakul Preet) aim him in his mission. Due to a series of unexpected crimes, Dhruva realizes that his enemy is none other than the highly intellectual white collar criminal Dr Siddharth Abhimanyu (Arvind Swamy). As Dhruva gets close to hunting Siddharth through a pharma deal, he is outsmarted by Siddharth who further entraps him into a lethal contest. How did Dhruva survive the trap and triumph over Siddharth with his with his wit and guts forms the rest of the story.
Ram Charan: Firstly kudos to this star hero who attempts such a film with all his conviction. Without bothering much about commercial entertainment, Charan puts all he got into this film and that too without marring the original. And for all the Mega fans expecting some routine masala, this is not your cup of tea!
Rakul Preet: She plays a sensible character – a heroine with a character talking some sense. But worry not... You’ll have that expected dosage of glam show in Pareshanura (a feast for eyes) – a thumbs up for her!
Arvind Swamy: This film is nothing (literally) without his character and of course him. That is why he is here reprising his role from the Tamil original Thani Oruvan. He fits the bill of a notoriously brainy white collared criminal like none and he is first reason why you should watch Dhruva (even after watching the Tamil version). But unfortunately he couldn't outshine his performance in TO.
Posani Krishnamurali: Perhaps after a long time, Posani plays a completely contrasting character. May be his real life persona can dominate the viewing experience that he may look faking but on a whole, his character alone puts a smile on your face.
Navdeep, Nassar, Ranadheer and others play significant characters doing a decent job.


No matter how many hit remakes we’ve to our credit, fans were suspicious over this Thani Oruvan remake. But of late films like Premam and now Dhruva prove that our directors can deliver worthy remakes if not outshining the originals.

Coming to Dhruva, director Surender Reddy made an undeviating remake with limited improvisation within the set limitation. Firstly an impressive improvisation in the form of the ‘8’ (you see in the title) – a strong motive he uses throughout the film (sorry boss… cannot afford a spoiler). Secondly, the way he smartly achieved an upper hand for the hero despite the presence and performance of Arvind Swamy through the craft is commendable. Besides this, Surrender Reddy also tried to extract some commercial entertainment through the heroine (but largely ended up with a glamorous song like Pareshaanura).

Mohan Raja’s original story and screenplay are indeed bliss for the makers but the best part is that the director was successful at dishing out a decent remake without marring the original.

Besides the performances of Ram Charan & Arvind Swamy, a robust story with an engaging screenplay (bombarding though) with few refreshing twists stand and an equally good climax stand out for the film.

On a whole, you can assume that we want you to check this film out for its refreshing content, enjoyable screenplay and lastly Arvind Swamy.


- Lead cast Performances especially Ram Charan & Arvind Swamy

- Rakul Preet’s glamor

- Story and screenplay

- Cinematography

- Editing

- Background score


- Lack of comedy and routine commercial ingredients might disappoint the masses.


Songs by
Hiphop Thamizha sound German for Telugu film music lovers yet are certainly groovy. Pareshaanuraa was shot well and Neethone Dance Tonight was noisy (or otherwise dabbalo gulakarallu). But you may get to enjoy Young Megastar’s dance moves in this song.
Coming to the background score and re-recording, Hiphop does a fab job! It was highly instrumental in setting and maintaining the intensity in the film.
Nothing special to mention
No comedy, punch lines or routine masala stuff yet Dhruva turns out to be an engaging drama with a strong story, water tight screenplay and worthy performances especially Arvind Swamy (3 things as said above). A decent attempt by a star hero and a decent remake by Surender Reddy. You may enjoy better if you haven't seen Thani Oruvan.