Villain Dominated Entire Cast?

By - December 10, 2016 - 09:43 AM IST

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Unlike Hollywood, the disadvantage of working as an antagonist in Indian movies is that you tend to get relegated due to the overpowering shadow of the star hero, glamour of heroine and other things. But there are those baddies who made their presence felt in these odds as well.
The latest name to join that list is that of the lady killer Arvind Swamy. He came up with a new avatar, that of an antagonist in the latest release Dhruva. Those who saw the film were blown away by his performance and declared that Arvind rocked.
Even in all reviews be it from the film critics or in the social media platform, everyone is making it a point to mention about the performance of Arvind Swamy.  This is indeed a major achievement for Arvind as a villain because he seems to have dominated the entire cast.