Anasuya Warms Up In Goa

By - December 12, 2016 - 11:52 AM IST

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You are in a profession which is highly demanding and leads you to a lot of stress then it becomes imperative you take a break every now and then. This is one reason why many film celebrities prefer to go on vacations and they have a common choice.
Most of the film personalities love to spend their free time relaxing in beach places. Even Tollywood celebrities are no exception but right now one beauty is busy warming up the temperatures in Goa. She is the seductively tempting Anasuya Bharadwaj.
Reports reveal Anasuya has gone to Goa for a vacation and she is unwinding in a big way. While she is warming herself up in this exotic place, those who recognize her are warming themselves in their own way in Goa. For now, have a great holiday Anasuya!

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