3rd Marriage Of Heroine Is With Her Passion

By - December 13, 2016 - 11:53 AM IST

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You can attribute it to bad luck or the sheer lack of stability and maturity but then many heroines who get married are unable to honour the institution of marriage and get divorced in no time. It is ironical to see a majority of them ending up like that.
Another name which can be added to that list is that of Meera Jasmine. This Malayalam beauty paired with the likes of power star Pawan Kalyan in Telugu. On the personal front, Meera got engaged to Mandolin Rajesh and broke up with him. Eventually, she married industrialist Anil John.
This happened two years ago amidst a lot of chaos and now news is that Meera is taking divorce from him as well. Now that the first and second have failed sources say Meera is completely married to her third passion and that is her profession of acting. Best of luck for this Meera!

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