What Actually Happening To 'Dhruva' Collections?

By - December 14, 2016 - 10:43 AM IST

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At a time when the whole nation is embroiled in the demonetization issue, the film fraternity is standing up for the challenge and is releasing its promising films. In Tollywood, the movie Dhruva released during this rough weather and all are keen to know about its business.
So, here is the latest report on the movie. According to reports, the film is touching the 35 crores share mark worldwide. But the real deal will now be known during the middle of the week. For the buyers in domestic market to be safe, the film must collect at least Rs 20 crores.
As for the overseas, though it has breached the 1 million mark, the film needs to collect an additional half million to bail out the buyers. The good thing is, the film is getting phenomenal response and if it can show the same momentum in B,C centres as well, it would fetch a great result.

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