Reaction Grabs More Attention Than Action

By - December 22, 2016 - 11:58 AM IST

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There are many incidents that take place around us and it boils down to how we receive it that the attention quotient is determined. But unfortunately, most of the times the attention is given to reaction than genuine intelligence. Here is one such example.

Recently the name of the noted anchor Lasya came out and it has to do with her blasting certain websites for publishing an article implying she had committed suicide. As such, the issue per se is rather small but it is the reaction of Lasya which brought this attention.

That way, if you can take up some reaction and start using it, work will be done. As a TV show anchor, Lasya has done many shows and is considered the next best after the likes of Suma, Jhansi and others. That way, he was clear about what he wanted to shoot.