Will This Change Young Hero's Fate?

By - December 24, 2016 - 05:33 PM IST

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You might have the best of physique and the right kind of talent but in order to be successful as a hero, you also need to have that stroke of luck. One hero who has been toiling hard to make his presence felt is Lovely Rocking Star Aadi Pudipeddi.

Despite the fact that he is the son of dialogue king Sai Kumar, Aadi has been going through a lean phase in his career. However, his next project might just turn the tides. Reports reveal Aadi is going to join hands with the prestigious Usha Kiran Movies banner.

This is going to be for an interesting project which would be helmed by Kanmani of Beeruva fame. As such, Aadi is extremely talented in all departments and he has the ammunition to strike it big. So, it remains to be seen whether this new project would change his fate. Let us wish it does.

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