Mixed Feelings On Katamarayudu Posters

By - December 30, 2016 - 10:48 AM IST

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The passion you have towards cinema and certain star heroes cannot be described in words but your emotional reactions towards every look of the film expresses that. And if it is the film of power star Pawan Kalyan, the excitement and sensitivity would be rather high.

He is arriving with the film Katamarayudu and the pre release Hungama has begun in the form of the posters. However, it appears that mixed reactions are emerging on the posters. Apparently, the posters released so far have shown only the legs and back of Pawan.

While some find this new concept of presentation thrilling few are finding it a little too casual and state it could have been much better and powerful. The good news is, the first teaser of the movie would be unveiled on January 1st so let us see if that is going to bring all on one page.

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