Rs 600 Crore Film Based On 'Parva' Episode?

By - January 11, 2017 - 05:18 PM IST

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While it is the need of the hour or a simple rat race to become the first, the budgets for movies have begun touching the sky and some are crossing limits of sanity. News from Kerala reveals a new movie is being planned with a whopping budget of 600 crores.

This does sound unbelievable but then it looks to be true. This has superstar Mohanlal in the lead. Point is, no matter how well it is made, it would be coming from south India and how it will be received across the nation and globe is something to be thought about.

It is heard that this is based on Mahabharata and shown from Bheema’s perspective. If that be true then there is a chapter in the book ‘Parva’. If the film is done based on this book, the film will have the right impact. ‘Parva’ is written by Bhairappa and it got Kendra Sahitya Award. The book was written in the 70s and Bhairappa is 80 plus.